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Jaguars new uniform details

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be unveiling their new uniforms on Tuesday, April 23, but some details of the new uniform have started to emerge. The above picture was leaked a few weeks ago and some details raised some doubt on how legitimate it was, but according to Paul Lukas of UniWatch, it is a legitimate uniform.

As many speculated, the uniform is a replica jersey, which means it's details aren't going to be quite the same as the on-field uniform. Lukas has some details from a source however as to some of the details.

3) Continuing with the military theme, the players' last names will appear the front of the jersey under the patch, to mimic the look of a military uniform.

I had heard the possibility of something like this, but mostly it was me and a source shooting ideas back and forth of what we thought would look cool on the new uniform. I don't know if this would be in lieu of the names on the back of the uniform, but I would imagine it would have both.

4) The sleeves will have a multi-colored design similar to the what the Falcons have, featuring black, gold, chrome, and teal. In the leaked image you can see the beginnings of some silver/chrome stripe patterns starting on the shoulder area.

This shouldn't be much of a surprise as we've heard the Jaguars will have some Oregon-ish style in the uniform.

6) The helmet shell will be two-tone - starting out gold and then fading into black.

This I can confirm and is something I've heard for months. I had held out hope for matte black or chrome, but it appears it will be a color fade.

7) The logo will be somewhat larger than normal for an NFL helmet - think Boise State's Pro Combat helmet.

For reference, here is what the Boise State helmet looks like that Lukas is referring to. Personally, I think that's awesome and I hope it means the logo is only on the one side of the helmet.

Update: Paul Lukas posted this in the comments of his article on the new uniforms:

I have seen the jerseys already and can confirm some of your items from today. The jerseys do not have side panels but there is a truncated stripe on the pants. The jersey I saw was an authentic but saw no player name on front. The name on back is same font type as number and what was released for the primary logo. Helmet is black in front and gold in back. Logo is larger but not full on the side. There are black home, white away, and teal alternate versions. Also the "chrome" stripes aren't really chrome. The jerseys are flat and these stripes are "shiny" or just reflective black.