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Jaguars draft rumors: Falcons considering trade up for Dee Milliner?


The Jacksonville Jaguars hold the second overall pick and by most accounts have narrowed down their choices to just two players, meaning whoever the Kansas City Chiefs draft first overall shouldn't alter David Caldwell's plans so far. One thing that could alter his plans is a substantial trade up offer, but until now that didn't seem like a likely scenario.

The Atlanta Falcons are apparently looking to move up the 2013 NFL Draft, looking for a cornerback.

My guess? They're after one of the draft's elite cornerbacks, whether it be Dee Milliner, Xavier Rhodes or Desmond Trufant, who could all be gone by the end of the first round. They may only have to trade up five-to-ten spots to get Trufant, but the other two will require a pretty serious move. Don't rule out Tyler Eifert, either.

If the Falcons are hot for Milliner, it's possible the Jaguars could exploit the Caldwell and Thomas Dimitroff connection in Atlanta and get in on the trade action, but the big question is what would it take to move from 30th overall all the way up to the number two pick?

If the Falcons want Milliner, they'll likely have to come to the number two or number three spot, as he's been linked to the next handful of teams drafting at four, five, and six.

Atlanta hasn't been scared to make a large leap in the past, as they moved up from 27th overall to pick Julio Jones sixth overall. To move that far, the Falcons had to send the Cleveland Browns their 2011 first round pick (27), 2011 second round pick (59), 2011 fourth round pick (124), and then their 2012 first round pick (22) and their 2012 fourth round pick (118).

If the Jaguars and Falcons were to make some kind of trade, I would have to imagine it would have to be a similar deal, but I would expect the Falcons give up a little much such as their 2013 third, etc because they'd be coming up further than in 2011.

It also depends on who the Jaguars would be passing on. For instance, if it's just Dion Jordan I think that the team can fell alright about moving down so far and netting a haul of draft picks. If one of the players is one of the quarterbacks, whoever it may be, that makes the decision increasingly difficult because you could be passing on a guy you think is a franchise quarterback, and that's your biggest need.

Personally, I don't think the Jaguars will get an offer like that and they will wind up using the second overall pick.