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Jaguars mini-camp: Blaine Gabbert not worried about NFL Draft

Sam Greenwood

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a wide open quarterback competition on their hands and the guy who could wind up the opening day starter may not even be on the roster yet. The Jaguars look like they're going to draft a quarterback in 2013 but the only question is who and what round, but current quarterback Blaine Gabbert isn't worried about that.

"Well we have two quarterbacks on the roster, so we know we have to have more going into camp," Gabbert told the media on Wednesday when he was asked about the Jaguars drafting a quarterback next week. "Honestly you can’t worry about that. We’re going to go out there and we’re pretty individually motivated to go out there and play a little football."

As mentioned before, the Jaguars are going to draft someone at the position and will likely bring in another player in undrafted free agency. The job appears to be wide open and not just a faux competition, and both Gabbert and Chad Henne seem to realize this, which means the team should get the best out of them going forward.

At least you would hope to get the best out of them when they're vying for a starting job.