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Draft Profile: Sharrif Floyd

University of Florida DT Sharrif Floyd is one of this years draft class's most talked about prospects, and his name has also been tossed around during speculation of who the Jaguars will pick at #2.


The Jaguars have built some DT depth this offseason, making the selection of a Defensive Tackle at #2 unlikely, but Floyd is a potential option as he has the ability to play an important role in Gus Bradley's defense, as the 5 Tech DE. The 5 tech has to be able to have a strong anchor against the run as he has to be a 2 gap run defender, but also have enough quickness to man the edge, and this type of role seems to fit Floyd well.

DT/DE Florida
Height 6'3" Weight 298
Class Junior

Projection Top 15

Floyd is a good athlete for a player his size, and it shows on the field as a pass rusher as he has a extremely quick first step, and shows the ability to shoot gaps. He knows how to shed blockers with his hands, as he effectively used a chop move to disengage and there were times where he just threw lineman aside, but while his hand usage was impressive it was also inconsistent. He is also a very powerful player, as he showed some ability to mix power with agility in his rush, and flashed an effective bull rush.

He has a nonstop motor as a rusher with solid pursuit throughout the play, but there were several occasions where QB's were able to side step him, or move up in the pocket to avoid the sack, He needs to work on his closing speed on the quarterback to finish the rush with a sack.

Often times, if he didn't penetrate with his initial first step, he would stand straight up and get stonewalled by lineman at the line, which is an issue he will need to fix quickly once he gets to pro level. He is somewhat limited in the pass move department, though he did show a very impressive swim move, he mostly relied on his quickness to push the pocket.

In the run game, he is a force, and is consistent for the most part, but has a few technique issues. His first step and ability to quickly disengage made him a fixture in opponent's backfields, as he seemingly made several plays in the backfield each game. He has a good anchor and is able to hold his ground very well as he was rarely moved off the line, and he was often able to redirect the play.

He shows good pursuit, and works his way to the play more often than not. His hand usage and block shedding are much more consistent in the run game then when he rushed the passer.

One of my biggest issues with him though, is how often he will turn his shoulders to blockers and leave himself vulnerable. This made him much easier to move off the line, and at times it took him out of the play completely.

Overall, Floyd is an interesting player. He mostly performs well due to his terrific motor and natural athleticism/strength, but too many times it appears he has lapses in technique. He has all the pure talent and potential in the world, but he is clearly still developing as DT. He shows the ability to be a force as a penetrator, and holding his anchor against the run, but he will need to continue to work on keeping his pad level low and stop turning his shoulders. He shows flashes of a very good player, and as long as he stays consistent/fixes technique, then he has all the ability to become a top notch DT.