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Jaguars draft rumors: Dion Jordan the favorite

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

Many believe the Jacksonville Jaguars will be drafted Oregon defensive end/linebacker Dion Jordan in Thursday's NFL Draft. There's now a little more juice behind it, thanks to a report by Tony Pauline.

"Latest from the Jacksonville Jaguars? The team is looking at either Dion Jordan or one of the offensive tackles with the second pick," Pauline writes. "No surprise there. If they trade down I am told the player they like is Ezekiel Ansah."

This doesn't really sound like anything new, but Pauline is well connected with the Jaguars considering some of his reports from past drafts. We've talked plenty about how Jordan would be a fit in the Jaguars defense as a Julian Peterson-type linebacker that can also lineup with his hand on the ground to rush the passer.

The talk about the offensive lineman, in my opinion, is noise for a possible trade down if someone decides to draft Jordan with the first overall pick. The offensive tackles are expected to go quick at the top of the draft and there are a handful of teams who need a left tackle, and all three could be gone by the fifth overall pick. If Jordan's gone, it could entice a team to move up with the Jaguars for one of the lineman.

Ansah as the fallback option also makes a lot of sense, and I honestly wouldn't be shocked if he were the pick second overall. To me it's clear however, the Jaguars are drafting a pass rusher.