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It's not just Sophia anymore

After ten years of trial and torment, apparently the new brass doesn't think that we have endured enough. One of the brightest aspects of being a Jaguar fan was looking debonair in the clothes. Teal works. It works in sunny Florida city. It works in the Bahamas and it works in my heart. Obviously, it doesnt work at Everbank field.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

2-14. We were 2-14. The bottom of the NFL. We started from the bottom and we are still here. With all respect to Johny Football, I cant stand Drake. Drake knows optimism that Jaguars fans can only dream about. Why must we make it so easy for the rest of the league to make fun of us?

I've paid my 36 social league coins to see that the Jaguars are changing from all teal to all gold. I hate it. You know why I hate it? Because now my friends taunt me nonstop about loving the Golden Girls. "Hey Chaps, you dick head! Did you know that the Golden Girls arent just a foursome anymore? Apparently there is 53 Golden Girls, one of whom is a punter that was drafted in the 3rd Round." Boom. It's that simple.

"I wonder if Aunt Blanche is the competition that Dave Caldwell was talking about?"

"I've heard that Ruth was going to be the new LEO."

"Is Sophia going to be the strength coach?"

F that, bruh. Sure, Sophia has tits for days but what does that do for my team? Nothing. Pot Roast had bigger tits and that dude is playing in Denver now.

Clean it up, Jacksonville. Bring back teal or refund my season tickets that I dont buy.

PS. I do admit that the bottom of those cleats were some of the best looking bottom of cleats that I have ever seen. Fire. I retweeted those for days.