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NFL Draft 2013: History of the 2nd overall pick

What players have gone second overall the past decade? How many of been hits, busts?

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The Jacksonville Jaguars have the second overall pick for just the third time in franchise history. The Jaguars held the second pick in their first ever NFL Draft in 1995, in which the team drafted offensive lineman Tony Boselli. The very next year the Jaguars drafted pass rushing linebacker Kevin Hardy with the second overall selection.

After finishing with the worst record in franchise history, the Jaguars could pick one of the same types of players in the 2013 NFL Draft, hilariously enough. The odds on favorite pick right now for the Jaguars is Oregon pass rusher Dion Jordan, who would fill a similar strong side linebacker pass rushing role that Hardy filled early in his career. While unlikely, it's also possible the Jaguars draft and offensive lineman with the pick.

History of the No. 2 overall pick the past decade

Player Position Year
Robert Griffin III, Baylor Quarterback 2012
Von Miller, Texas A&M Linebacker 2011
Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska Defensive tackle 2010
Jason Smith, Baylor Offensive tackle 2009
Chris Long, Virginia Defensive end 2008
Calvin Johnson, Georgia Tech Wide receiver 2007
Reggie Bush, USC Running back 2006
Ronnie Brown, Auburn Running back 2005
Robert Gallery, Iowa Offensive tackle 2004
Charles Rodgers, Michigan State Wide receiver 2003

It's a mixed bag, as expected with only a single quarterback being drafted of the bunch. The most common positions were wide receiver, offensive tackle, and running back. Oddly enough out of those six, only one player was really a "hit" for the team (Johnson).

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