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Jaguars new uniform live blog

The Jacksonville Jaguars are revealing their new uniforms on Tuesday afternoon at a press conference. The press conference will be streamed on, so you can watch it live online. We will also be bringing you live updates from the event, as Alfie Crow will be in attendance.

We know a few things about the uniform already, such as the helmet is two-tone with some gold and black, the home color of the uniform is now black, with the white as the away. The team will still have a teal uniform, which will be the alternate uniform going forward. There was some speculation that the uniform will feature the military style patch on the front of the uniform, which I have heard is the case, but it will not have the player's last name underneath as some speculated last week.

Live Blog:

Where: EverBank Field, Jacksonville, Fl.

When: Tuesday, April 23 1:30 p.m. ET

How to watch: You can stream it live on

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