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This draft is shaping up to be the most exciting of any that I can remember. Over the past ten years, has there been an eve of a Draft Day that we didnt know whom was going to be selected with the first pick? I dont think so.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

This year, with no "surefire" number 1 pick, the draft has remained in limbo until the final approaching hours. The Kansas City Chiefs haven't announced that they are working with "Dick Wrecker" to get a pre-draft contract. One of the greatest aspects about the rookie pay scale is that you dont have to ensure that you can sign the top pick before he is drafted.

In the past, the selection of the top OT might be somewhat contingent on what each man was willing to accept for a contract. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III would have been in contract talks days if not weeks before the draft. Spoils the fun of the first 30 minutes of the draft.

This year will be different. This year, hopefully, no one will know until the pick is announced.

My favorite part of not knowing is the twitter reaction. If you are a Big Cat Country consistent reader and you are not on twitter, you are doing it wrong.

Take yesterday for example. In years past, there would have been a leak of the uniform and the twitter response would have been tepid. But, since everything was kept quiet, twitter exploded with a sense of sexual explosion as soon as the uniforms were relieved. It was organic. It was amazing.

As a Jaguars fan, I am looking forward to that same feeling tomorrow night. It could be the greatest twitter hard on that I have ever seen or there could be outright revolt. Either way, if LaConfora can remain muted, we are in for one hell of an evening.

Get your popcorn ready and following along @unclechaps.