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Jaguars draft picks 2013: Do you approve of Luke Joeckel selection?


The Jaguars' selection of offensive tackle Luke Joeckel was a surprising one to me, but I suppose it shouldn't have been. It was reported that the Jaguars coveted the top two offensive tackles and, while I thought that interest was a smokescreen created with the interest of a trade down, it apparently wasn't, as the team selected a right tackle with the second pick.

Make no mistake about it: the pick was unconventional. Right tackles are rarely drafted in the first round and the idea of one going second overall is one that is uncommon, to say the least. General manager Dave Caldwell did say that he intended to challenge the draft norms, though.

It was certainly a need, though, as Guy Whimper and Cameron Bradfield were absolutely terrible on the right side in 2012. Despite having one of the NFL's better left tackles in Eugene Monroe, the Jaguars still surrendered 50 sacks, the third-most in the NFL.

So, after stewing on the pick for a night: What do you think of the selection, BCC?

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