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2013 NFL Draft results: Why the Jaguars won't pick QB at No. 33


The Jacksonville Jaguars hold the No. 33 pick, the first pick in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft, which many experts expect the Jaguars to use on one of the remaining quarterbacks. The Jaguars don't plan to pick a quarterback at that spot however, according to a report by Mark Long of the Associated Press and as I reported last night, they're trying like hell to move out of the pick and get more picks.

There was just one quarterback drafted in the first round on Thursday evening, E.J. Manuel, leaving a logjam of players available in the second round for the teams looking for quarterbacks. The Jaguars could simply take their pick out of the guys left with their pick, but they can also sit tight and let the value and scheme fit come to them now.

In the first round of the NFL Draft you take a quarterback because he's your guy. Value goes out the window and you draft the quarterback you think will be a franchise quarterback. After the first round however is where you can lean on the value and scheme fit of the position, because if a guy makes it out of the first round he's typically got some big flaws that need to be worked on.

Some teams, like the Arizona Cardinals, Cleveland Browns, New York Jets, and Philadelphia Eagles are all possible landing spots for a quarterback, but it's doubtful that all four draft one. That means the lot of the quarterbacks available at pick No. 33 should still be there by the time pick No. 64 rolls around, which is where you can blend the value and scheme fit of a quarterback.

I've gone on and on before about how quarterbacks beyond the first round generally aren't all that successful, but the Jaguars are at the point where they can take fliers on quarterbacks and hope they hit because they don't have a franchise guy right now.

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