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2013 NFL mock draft: Jaguars projected to pick Geno Smith

Most 2nd round mocks think the Jaguars will take a quarterback, but that would be surprising.

Al Bello

There was a time when West Virginia's Geno Smith was slated as the second-overall selection for the Jaguars, but on Thursday they instead chose to pick Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel. Much more shocking, though, was the fall of Smith all the way out of the first round.

In a second round mock draft from SB Nation's Dan Kadar, he projects that the Jaguars will jump on the opportunity to take Smith in the second round instead; however, we at BCC are doubting that.

The Jaguars are looking for "definitive" starters with their early selections, and while I believe that Smith would beat out Blaine Gabbert for the starting spot, finding players to fill holes that really have no competition at all would seem to be the higher priority.

Filling the hole at right tackle was one example and finding a starting-quality defensive back would seem to be the most logical scenario at the top of the second round for a team that's secondary features Dwight Lowery, Mike Harris and Alan Ball as the penciled starters in 2013 with absolutely zero strong safety on the roster.

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