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2013 NFL Draft results: Jaguars trade selections with Eagles

The Jaguars have traded their No. 98 pick.


The Jaguars are no longer on the clock after they traded the No. 98-overall selection with the Philadelphia Eagles. Compensation for the trade has not yet been announced, but the Eagles were the owners of the No. 101 selection just three picks later.

UPDATE -12:06 PM: The Jaguars have added a seventh-round selection (No. 210 overall) via the trade

The Eagles were hoping to leapfrog other teams to pick their guy, presumably USC quarterback Matt Barkley, and the Jaguars were willing suitors. By moving down from the top of the fourth round, the Jaguars have made it pretty clear that they do not think much of the quarterback class in the 2013 NFL Draft and that they don't have much interest in Barkley at all.

With a very thin roster, every draft selection has the potential to be a contributor in 2013 and the Jaguars have added more picks to continue to build.

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