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2013 NFL Draft: Updated Jaguars needs

The Jaguars addressed three very big needs with the addition of Luke Joeckel, Jonathan Cyprien and Dwayne Gratz, leaving a bit more flexibility in the final day.


After the first two days of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Jaguars can, at the very least, pencil in a player at every starting position on offense and defense. That's not to say they couldn't find another starter in the final four rounds, but at this point they probably aren't going to find the "definitive" starters that they talked about in the early rounds.

Still, it's a thin roster and there are positions that can be improved, but as a note before I list the three needs the Jaguars still should look to address. On Thursday morning I might have listed quarterback among the top three needs, yet despite the Jaguars not drafting the position in the first three rounds, I'm not going to list it here.

Why? Because the Jaguars need a quarterback that can push to start and be a difference-maker for the franchise. If the team thought that player was available to them, they had several opportunities to take them. At this point, they obviously don't believe so and the addition of a quarterback in the fourth round or later isn't something I'd consider one of the team's top three needs.

Pass rush - The Jaguars finished the 2012 season with just 20 sacks, the least amount in the NFL. They made a few smaller moves in free agency and they've selected three players so far in the 2013 NFL Draft, yet they haven't made one addition along the defensive line.

Maybe the team is confident that Gus Bradley's new scheme and the development of Andre Branch will yield better results in 2013, but I'd be surprised if the Jaguars didn't look to add some talent to the front-four on Saturday. Among the names to look for are Cornelius Washington, Michael Buchanan and Quanterus Smith.

Linebacker - The group of Geno Hayes, Paul Posluszny and Russell Allen leaves some to be desired, although Julian Stanford may have the potential to be a surprising player in 2013. Adding athletic linebackers could be something the Jaguars place a high-priority on in the early going with some talented guys like Khaseem Greene and Jelani Jenkins still on the board.

Cornerback - Even if third-round pick Dwayne Gratz steps into the starting lineup right away for the Jaguars, the idea of a competition between Mike Harris, Alan Ball and Kevin Rutland to start on the other side isn't too intriguing. Several examples of the longer, physical athletes that Gus Bradley has typically worked with are still on the board with Sanders Commings, Sheldon Price and Tharold Simon, to name a few.