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2013 NFL Draft undrafted tracker

Christian Petersen

The Jaguars have wasted little time signing their undrafted free agent class after the 2013 NFL Draft and have already drawn in some bigger name free agents, including a quarterback many thought they would draft. It's not particularly surprising that the Jaguars have drawn priority free agents right away, as the depleted roster offers plenty of opportunities for undrafted players to compete for roster spots and it wouldn't be too shocking to see one earn a starting spot.

Keep it here as we'll continue to update the list of names as we hear them:

Arizona QB Matt Scott
Cincinnati LB Maalik Bomar
Nevada OT Jeff Nady
Murray State OL Roddy Tomlin
Alabama LS Carson Tinker
Georgia DT Abry Jones
Vanderbilt CB Trey Wilson
San Jose State TE Ryan Otten
Nevada LB Jeremiah Green
Virginia OLB La'Roy Reynolds
Vanderbilt QB Jordan Rodgers
Florida State FB Lonnie Pryor
South Carolina K Adam Yates
Illinois State LB Mike Zimmer
Rutgers OT R.J. Dill
Georgia Tech DT T.J. Barnes
Nebraska TE Kyler Reed
Massachusetts G Stephane Milhim
Western Michigan OLB Paul Hazel
Arizona State WR/KR Jamal Miles
Southern Oregon WR Cole McKenzie
Texas A&M S Steven Terrell
Ole Miss DT Uriah Grant
Tulsa FB Willie Carter
Glenville G Mark Jackson
Delware CB Marcus Burley
NC State WR Tobias Palmer
Illinois State LB Michael Zimmer

Note: Keep in mind, it's unlikely that all these players actually received full contracts from the team. It's likely that several of these players received a tryout contract for rookie mini-camp, but we will not know until the team formally announces the signings on Sunday morning.

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