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NFL draft results 2013: Jaguars add 'juice' to the roster


The Jacksonville Jaguars entered the 2013 NFL Draft with an obvious plan, seemingly different than past drafts under the prior regime which looking back appears to be haphazard. General manager Dave Caldwell and head coach Gus Bradley wanted to add competitive players to the roster, speed, and guys with what Bradley called... "juice".

Round Player Position Position
1 Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M
2 Jonathan Cyprien SS FIU
3 Dwyane Gratz CB Connecticut
4 Ace Sanders WR/PR South Carolina
5 Denard Robinson RB/KR Michigan
6 Josh Evans FS Florida
7 Jeremy Harris CB New Mexico State
7 Demetrius McCray CB Appalachian State

"The other thing I’d like to say about these guys is I don’t know if it’s a good word or a bad word but these guys all have juice, and that’s a big trait for me as a head coach. I want to be able to feel this team out there. I want to feel their personality, I want to feel what they can bring to this organization," Bradley told reporters at the conclusion of the 2013 NFL Draft. "Dave and I agree with that. I think when you get a chance to talk to some of these guys Jonathan Cyprien, Ace (Sanders), Denard (Robinson), these guys have got some personality and some juice to add along with what we already have. That competitiveness and that drive to be the best that they can be, we’re really trying to incorporate that into the room that we already have."

If you go back and watch the players highlights, film, whatever from their college days you can kind of see what Bradley is talking about. Some call it swagger, some call it attitude, Bradley calls it juice. It's something that's been missing from the Jaguars since the early days of Jack Del Rio and Shack Harris. An identity.

"Spirit, a love for the game, excited about opportunity to play the game, excited to learn about the game, excited to watch film," Bradley further explained on guys having "juice".

The other thing the Jaguars added to their roster was pure speed and athleticism, something the team severely lacked the past few seasons. Adding guys like Jonathan Cyprien, Denard Robinson, Dwayne Gratz, and even Ace Sanders despite his disappointing 40-yard dash time.

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