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Jaguars 'part ways' with Terry McDonough, Louis Clark, according to report

Dave Caldwell will begin the process of building his own front office staff.

The Jacksonville Jaguars parted ways with director of player personnel, Terry McDonough, and director of pro personnel, Louis Clark, on Monday, according to a report from Pro Football Talk.

While some are surprised by the move, considering the rave reviews the Jaguars have received for their 2013 NFL Draft results, it's a move than many have expected. When Dave Caldwell took over as general manager, he worked with the same scouting staff that was left by Gene Smith and that included McDonough and Clark. Now that the draft has passed, Caldwell can no begin the process of building his own scouting staff.

McDonough was first hired by the Jaguars in 2003 from the Baltimore Ravens and was later promoted to director of player personnel in 2009, following the promotion of Smith to general manager. Clark joined the Jaguars as a college scout in 1997, was promoted to assistant director of pro personnel in 2003 and promoted to director of pro personnel in 2011.

The front office will likely feature other changes as Caldwell begins the process of building his own staff.