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BREAKING: Tim Tebow Hired by Jaguars

Jaguars to bring in Tim Tebow.

Tebow (left) riding in an SUV. "Methadone" Phil (right) passed out.
Tebow (left) riding in an SUV. "Methadone" Phil (right) passed out.

In a surprise announcement today, the Jacksonville Jaguars announced that they have hired local legend Tim Tebow as the Director of Facilities for the team. Tebow fills a position left vacant for the past two months.

According to sources, Tebow will have a tough road ahead of him. The current facilities team is known in circles around the league as a group of offensive, lazy degenerates that require direct supervision from an expert motivator.

The team released a statement saying that "Tebow will enact changes in the culture of our facilities team. We are excited for what he will bring to the table."

One such controversial change is no longer hiring individuals with a criminal background. This new policy hits close to home for Jaguars superfan and BCC's biggest supporter, "Methadone" Phil Harris.

Harris, who was profiled by BCC in 2012, is currently serving a six month sentence for leading Jacksonville Sheriff's Office deputies on an hour long pursuit in a stolen steamroller while high on bath salts.

In an exclusive phone interview with BCC, the former Nease and Florida quarterback, Tebow remained firm on his policy. "I cannot imagine a scenario where Methadone Phil will be member of the facilities department, even if he's released from jail," said Tebow.

Methadone Phil was not available for comment.

Tebow is expected to begin work in early May.