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Who can the Jaguars trade with in the NFL Draft?

The Jaguars are looking to trade down in the 2013 NFL Draft, but who can be their dance partner?


The Jacksonville Jaguars hold the second overall pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, but are reportedly looking to move down from that pick in the draft. Saying you want to move down is a lot easier than actually doing so, but with the new rookie wage scale there has been a lot more activity in the Top 10 of the draft than in year's past.

With the Jaguars having said they've narrowed down their choices to "less than a dozen" players if they have to draft with the second overall pick, it's likely some of those players will still be available if they move down.

It's highly unlikely the Jaguars will wind up with the haul that the St. Louis Rams got in 2012 when the Redskins moved up from the sixth overall pick to the second overall pick, but it's possible they could make a deal similar to the one the team made last season to move up from the seventh overall pick to the fifth overall pick to draft Justin Blackmon.

For instance, say the Detroit Lions cover offensive tackle Eric Fisher but think he won't make it to the fifth overall pick. The Jaguars could ask for something along the lines of just a third round pick to swap places in the first round and still likely get one of the players on their short list. It's not an overpriced type of deal, but it's not cheap enough to where the Jaguars aren't missing out on gaining more top picks.

Another scenario could be with the Eagles trying to get whichever big body the want and jumping the Raiders. The Raiders right now are being mocked either Geno Smith or a defensive tackle, both of which have also been linked to the Eagles.

One team to watch moving up in the draft however is the Miami Dolphins, who reportedly love Oklahoma offensive lineman Lane Johnson. The Dolphins also have a lot of ammo to move up if they want to, holding two second and third round picks.

The trick with the second overall pick is finding a dance partner, so I asked some of the other writers in the network how likely their teams would be to try to move up in the draft and who it would be for.

No. 4 Philadelphia Eagles

"I can't see why or who the Eagles would move up for because they're guaranteed to have one of probably 5 or 6 players that they like and would fit their needs fall to them. But if I had to guess, I would say maybe Geno Smith if they really really love him. Only because QB is a position you'd move up for. Other than that, possibly Dee Milliner because there really are no other corners worth taking for the next half of that round. I can't see them trading up for one of the OTs or DTs because good talent at those positions will be there at 4." - Jason B, Bleeding Green Nation

No. 5 Detroit Lions

"The Detroit Lions would love to add Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher in the first round. He could replace Jeff Backus and give the Lions the flexibility to start Riley Reiff on the right side of the line. However, I don't think they want Fisher bad enough to trade up for him. They can't afford to give up a load of picks (current or future), and if they do any kind of trading, it will likely be down, not up." - Sean Yullie, Pride of Detroit

No. 7 Arizona Cardinals

"The Cardinals trading up? I would give it about a 10 percent chance. They know they will get a talented player at number seven. If they ere to move up it would be to land a quarterback...and Geno Smith would be the one to make sense. On the offensive line, the team will be able to land a good one without moving up." - Jess Root, Revenge of the Birds

No. 8 Buffalo Bills

"The chances that Buffalo trades up from No. 8 are virtually nonexistent. The Bills only have six picks this year as it is, and Buddy Nix has said he'd like more. If they maneuver at all for a quarterback, it'll be down from No. 8, or back up into the late first or early second." - Brian Galliford, Buffalo Rumblings

No. 12 Miami Dolphins

"I really think the Dolphins are the wildcard to start the NFL Draft this year. They have 11 draft picks, five in the first two days, so they could do just about anything on opening night, and with the state of their roster, they could target the best player available and the pick would make sense.

Miami could consider a move up in the draft, targeting either cornerback Dee Milliner (even with the free agency signing of Brent Grimes) or one of the offensive tackles, Eric Fisher, Luke Joeckel, or Lane Johnson. However, trading up in the first round is not, typically, general manager Jeff Ireland's MO. Ireland likes his draft picks, and, while he has traded up in the second and fourth rounds in previous years, he does not like to move up when it's going to cost as much as it does in the first round.

Could the Dolphins trade up in the first round? Absolutely, and I really would not be surprised. But, will they? Probably not." - Kevin Nogle, The Phinsider