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Jaguars owner Shad Khan finances Laura Street Trio purchase

Al Messerschmidt

The Jacksonville Jaguars continue to deal with murmurs of people thinking the Shad Khan has some sinister plot to relocate despite evidence to the contrary, but we can just add more evidence to the case for Khan looking to succeed long term in Jacksonville.

Khan's investment company, Stache Investments LLC, put up a $3 million mortgage to fund the purchase of the Laura Street Trio property on Tuesday.

Via the Jacksonville Business Journal:

The most recent public vision Atkins shared with the Business Journal for those properties was a $40 million redevelopment plan that includes "higher education" component in the Barnett Bank and boutique hotel in the Florida Life and Bisbee towers.

Khan has made investments in the city of Jacksonville in the past, including being one of the big efforts behind One Spark later this month, as well as funding renovations of EverBank Field out of pocket.

It's going to be really tough to move those buildings to London.