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NFL Draft 2013: Which quarterback fits the Jaguars?

Otto Greule Jr

The Jacksonville Jaguars appear that they will be drafting a quarterback at some point in the 2013 NFL Draft, but the questions is going to be "Who?" and "When?" until draft day. Eric Galko of Optimum Scouting has gone through and matched the quarterbacks with the teams he thinks they fit, given the coaching staff and what the team has noted they would like from the position.

"The Jaguars seem to be focused on athleticism at the quarterback position based on their comments in the past as well as their focus on this current QB class. Geno Smith, who likely will be available with the 2nd overall pick, fits into what the Jaguars seem to want to do. Even moreso with the athletic quarterback, EJ Manuel fits that bill perfectly," Galko writes. "With Gus Bradley seeing the success of a non-1st round athletic quarterback in Russell Wilson (who I've heard Manuel to be compared mentally and work-ethic wise), they could pass on Geno in favor of trading up for EJ Manuel."

Bradley has noted multiple times that the team would like a quarterback who can threaten the defense with his legs, not necessarily rip off a 50-yard run, but at least keep them mindful that the quarterback can get a first down if necessary and both Geno Smith and E.J. Manuel fit that bill.

"The team has worked out (Ryan) Nassib in the past, and though he isn't nearly as athletic as Manuel/Smith, he does have some nimbleness to work inside and outside the pocket, and would work well early on with the short area working Blackmon," Galko continues. "Also, new OC Jedd Fisch worked with Jay Cutler while in Denver, who shares some similarities (minus the arm strength) to Nassib. (Zac) Dysert also fits the Fisch quarterbacks of the past, even moreso tied to the Jay Cutler comparison."

From what we've seen with Fisch in the past running offenses is he likes to move the pocket and attack down the field, which both Nassib and Dysert can do, as well as Smith and Manuel. Galko also notes Matt Scott is a fit as well, but as I mentioned in my scouting report he appears to be a project at the position right now.