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How much cap room do the Jaguars have?


The Jacksonville Jaguars have been quiet in free agency during the 2013 NFL offseason, but it's not because they're strapped for cap room. According to the NFLPA, the Jaguars currently have $28.34 million in cap room, but that number is a bit deceiving.

Over half of that $28.34 million, $19 million, is roll over from the previous season. With the salary cap set at $123 million, the 89 percent rule is in effect, meaning each team must cumulatively average spending at least 89 percent of the cap for the next four seasons.

As it stands right now, the Jaguars have spent $116 million of the league cap, meaning they have spent 94 percent of the league cap, meeting the 89 percent threshold for at least this season and overall.

Going forward the Jaguars are setup well to extend some of their own players like Eugene Monroe if they wish during the season, or even spend in the 2014 free agency period.