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Jaguars will not release Justin Blackmon


The Jacksonville Jaguars can release wide receiver Justin Blackmon right now if they wish and have zero financial obligation to pay him, but the Jaguars do not plan to take such a hard action against the young wide receiver according to ESPN, nor should they.

Language was placed in Blackmon's rookie contract which voids the remaining guaranteed money in his deal.This means the Jaguars could release him right now if they wished and would no longer owe him the remaining money on his rookie deal, which up until his suspension on Tuesday was fully guaranteed.

While some fans and media have called for the Jaguars to release Blackmon, it's not in their best interest to do so. This is Blackmon's second strike with the team, but his salary and the Jaguars cap situation do not make him a burden to hang on to and he's showed ability on the field. Talent trumps almost everything in the NFL, so it's in the Jaguars best interest to see if they can help Blackmon with his off the field issues rather than releasing him after his rookie season.

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