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Blackmon's Effect on the Franchise

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There is little doubt that Justin Blackmon's recent off the field incident occurred off the field. He was never seen taking any drugs, illegal or otherwise, during the 2012 season. For that, he should be commended. But did Blackmon think about what his actions in 2013 would cost his 2012 team?

Donald Miralle

As pointed out this morning on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, Justin Blackmon's 2013 actions resulted in his team going 2-14 and also led to the entire team's scouting and coaching staffs to be dismissed. Shad Khan is a renown business man. That is a fact. But is he also a wizard? The team was really turning it around on the field nearing the end of the season. Despite finishing 0-5 to end the season, Chad Henne was playing at an All-Pro level. Justin Blackmon was a huge part of that. But, because of Khan's wizardly foresight, he fired everyone. He knew that in just mere months, Blackmon would be drunk nearly everyday (Source 1010xl callers) and that he was most likely smoking crack (source: twitter). This cant be tolerated so everyone was canned.

Colin Cowherd also pointed out that Blackmon was over drafted. I mean, he only really had one good game in college. One. That's a fact.

The most troubling part of this story is that no player has ever come back from a suspension of any kind to have a successful NFL career. It's deheartening for the fan base to know that we wasted not only the first pick in last year's draft but, if precedent is any indication, also next year's first round pick on Blackmon. Brutal. Getting that pick taken away is going to be rough.

Hopefully we can win one game next year. If not, we wont win any games next year.

So my message to Justin Blackmon is:

B***h Don't Kill My Vibe-Kendrick Lama (via Jalen Inglemon)