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We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem.

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"We're surrounded. That simplifies our problem." - Lt. General Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller USMC

It seems that Jaguars fans are in a precarious position. The team seemingly cannot sell a ticket to home games even if they cost nothing. Fans cannot see the games on TV because all of the games are blacked out. And who the hell would want to watch this team when the roster is devoid of talent?

We all know that these things are not true, but those fallacies still exist and will almost certainly always exist. But does it really matter? This past week has only reinforced feelings for this franchise for both its fans and it's detractors. The battle lines, once blurry and ill defined, are now more clear than ever. This is a franchise and fan base under siege.

We are surrounded by naysayers and haters on all sides. On one front, we have a nation that seems to think that this team has no fans whatsoever and should be moved clear across the country to a city in which NFL football has failed twice. On the front we have a hoard of crazed individuals who seem to believe that one individual who shall not be named is the key to this team's salvation financially and on the field. Face it: We are both surrounded and outnumbered by haters. Our best course of action is to surrender and capitulate, right?


Now, more than ever, is the time to rally as a community of fans against the hoard of crazed, delusional, and misinformed that surround this team and it's fans. This week has shown both the worst from our detractors and the best reactions from our fans.

An outsider from Orlando with no ties to this team and community tried to interject himself into OUR team. WE have responded in kind. WE have shut him out. WE have drown him out. OUR response has been noted nationally. WE did this.

It should be noted that this will not be the last of this silliness. There are 16 weeks till the 2013 campaign starts in earnest. These attacks against us will continue. They will never stop. It's time that we as a fan base Stand United.

Duval Till We Die