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Terry McDonough hired by Arizona Cardinals

The former-Jaguars director of player personnel took fewer than two weeks to find a new job.

The former-director of player personnel for the Jaguars, Terry McDonough, didn't take long to get back into football, as Kent Somers of AZCentral reports that he has been hired by the Arizona Cardinals, although it wasn't reported what position he'll fill with the team.

McDonough and the Jaguars parted ways in the days following the 2013 NFL Draft, as the Jaguars began the assembly of a new front office under general manager Dave Caldwell. McDonough originally joined the team in 2003 via the Baltimore Ravens and was promoted to director of player personnel in 2009 when Gene Smith became the team's general manager.

While McDonough was one of the most important decision-makers for the Jaguars during the Smith era that culminated in a 2-14 season in 2012 and the firing of both Smith and head coach Mike Mularkey, it's tough to gage how much McDonough was at fault. He is still said by some to be a highly-regarded football mind and the fact that he took fewer than two weeks to find another position would seem to evidence that.

Coincidentally, Terry's brother, Ryan McDonough, was announced as the new general manager of the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday.