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Jaguars OTAs 2013: Maurice Jones-Drew impressed by speed

The Jaguars have injected speed into their roster and Maurice Jones-Drew has taken notice.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a lot of new faces for running back Maurice Jones-Drew to get to know while he's rehabbing a foot injury that forced him to miss the majority of the 2012 NFL season. Even if the names don't pop out right away for him, the speed of the new players certainly does.

"There's so much speed out there. It's amazing," Jones-Drew told the media after practice on Monday afternoon.

"So I guess I've got to get back to my 4.3 days," Jones-Drew joked.

The team added some potential playmakers in Ace Sanders and Denard Robinson, as well as some undrafted players, like Tobias Palmer, who are making noise with their speed and ability on the field. It's hard for players to take notice, but Jones-Drew has been on the Jaguars teams the past few seasons that have lacked real speed on the roster.

"It's good competition out there. I think (Denard's) done a great job picking up the offense thus far," Jones-Drew said of the new additions. "A lot of the younger guys are out there making plays. It's exciting to see. We have a lot of playmakers, a lot of guys who can get the ball and score. That's going to be exciting to see. Really, it's going to be great competition for everybody."

Jones-Drew isn't quite ready to take the field again, still recovering from his foot surgery, but the team appears to have a handful of players now who can bring speed to the offense.

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