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Jaguars OTA 2013: Blaine Gabbert prefers the faster tempo

The Jaguars will be installing their third offense in three years.


The Jacksonville Jaguars are installing a brand new offense with new offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and their OTA practices thus far have been reportedly up-tempo and feature a lot of no-huddle, which is something quarterback Blaine Gabbert seems to enjoy.

"It’s very comfortable to me," Gabbert told reporters after practice on Tuesday. "I’m familiar with a lot of the concepts, the little things that I’ve done in the past. It’s been fun. We’re having a blast. It’s a fun time to be out here."

The new fast paced offense appears to give the quarterback a lot of freedom, and in turn responsibility, at the line of scrimmage as the plays are called.

"You have a lot of freedom to do whatever you do," Gabbert added. "When you get to the play, a specific play may be called but if you see something you like, call it."

This means the quarterback is going to have to make a lot of pre-snap reads of the defense and judge where pressure is coming from and where the hole in the defense could and should be.

"You get a play called and you get a loaded box, you get a nine-man front and you’ve got a draw called. Anybody in the stands is going to tell you that’s a bad play," Gabbert said. "Honestly what the quarterback’s job is to dig into your tool box, call something and make it work."

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