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Denard Robinson isn't playing QB for the Jaguars

Can we please not do this?

They're already confused!
They're already confused!
Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars have concluded their first round of OTA practices, which are closed to the public, which means most of the information we know from the practices is second hand from reporters in attendance. This also leads to some confusion as to what's going on in the practices as we're left to interpret Tweets and quotes from what's going on.

We've already got the first mix up of what's going on surrounding Jaguars fifth-round pick Denard Robinson.

It has since become clear he'll play both positions. It's now becoming clear that he'll also play quarterback.

Per multiple reports, Robinson lined up at the position in shotgun formation during Wednesday's OTA practice. Asked after the session whether that makes Robinson a "quarterback" or a "Wildcat" option, coach Gus Bradley laughed and said, "We don't have to tell you," according to Ryan O'Halloran of the Florida Times-Union.

Following this paragraph, Mike Florio of intimates that Robinson is playing the actual quarterback position from Gus Bradley's quip.

Well, he's not.

He's playing running back and wide receiver, lining up at times in the shotgun to do some WildCat type plays. The Jaguars have no intention of using Robinson as an actual quarterback. The team even avoided asking him to throw passes in rookie mini-camp when the other quarterbacks were injured.

"And if Robinson does it well enough (playing quarterback), his label could change in a year or two from running back to quarterback," Florio writes, to which I immediately spat out my drink.

Denard Robinson is not going to be a quarterback quarterback in the NFL. He is going to run some gadget plays and wrinkles in certain packages. Going so far as to even hint it's possible he could play the actual quarterback is a massive stretch from the joke Gus Bradley was making.

I don't know if PFT just missed Ryan O'Halloran's follow up Tweet or what, but it's pretty clear Robinson lining up and playing actual quarterback is not going to become a "thing" so let's please just end it now.

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