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Jaguars OTAs 2013: Jonathan Cyprien in Dwight Lowery's ear

Note: This was originally scheduled to publish on Wednesday, but hey server errors and it never went live!

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars will be young in the secondary this season, likely starting at least two rookies in the defensive backfield, including second-round pick Jonathan Cyprien. By all accounts so far Cyprien has looked like the real deal in rookie mini-camp and OTA practices, but he's still going to have a big learning curve as a starting NFL safety.

"He has really taken things to the next level. Every play, every rep, everything he’s doing. He really wants to be good. And D-Lo is a good one to talk to." -Gus Bradley

Luckily for Cyprien and the Jaguars, he's willing to learn and has been in the ear of veteran safety Dwight Lowery.

"We just make sure we're on the same page before every play," Lowery said of his communication with Cyprien. "He's a rookie, so I think the more he talks the more he'll be comfortable with how he fits within the defense and then he'll be able to play how he did in college."

Lowery is one of the few veterans in the Jaguars defensive backfield, one of the few holdovers at the position from the last regime, but he's been helping Cyprien call plays, line up, and understand what he needs to be doing and watching for at his position.

"He helps me a lot on the field and off the field," Cyprien said of Lowery. "He's a great player and I'm learning beside him.

"Sometimes I'll ask him as far as where do you drop (in coverage), and there's so many things to a defense to be specific about and just the little things I can go to him when the coach isn't around or on the field and ask him," Cyprien added.

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