An Open Letter To Justin Blackmon

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Eddie Maisonet is the EIC of The Sports Fan Journal and regular contributor to SLAM Magazine, Complex Magazine, NBC's The Grio and SB Nation. However, Ed has intentionally refrained from writing about his favorite football team, the Jacksonville Jaguars for a variety of reasons. Mostly because his fandom would prevent him from being rational. However, with the news of Justin Blackmon's suspension hitting the airwaves, 800 words were written in an open letter fashion to the supposed WR1 on the Jaguars depth chart. What ensues is a letter of hopeless pleading, shenanigans and utter nonsense directed towards Blackmon from an Oklahoman who just so happens to be a lifetime Jaguars fan. Enjoy.

Dear Justin,

What's good brother, how you been? Hopefully this message finds you in good spirits.

I recently heard the news that you were suspended for four games by the NFL because you violated the league's substance abuse policy. Whatever the drug of choice that you abused means nothing to me, other than the fact that it was a performance-enhancing drug, otherwise we'd be having a different conversation. However, I'm here to be in your corner right now, not chastise you for what you've done wrong.

Like it or not, you've already left yourself a pretty strong legacy to live up to, all while being just 23 years old. I'm proud to say that I've personally watched you play football since your days running wind sprints up and down the field in Ardmore, Oklahoma as a member of the Ardmore Tigers, to channeling your inner Dez Bryant while doing work for the Oklahoma State Cowboys at ole' T. Boone Pickens Stadium. When you touched down into Duval County as the 5th pick of my Jacksonville Jaguars in the 2012 NFL Draft, I can honestly say that I felt like this would be the continuation of something special that had already been brewing. That you could become the next all-world wideout for Jacksonville, filling the shoes that Jimmy Smith once filled. You being a hometown kid to boot from Oklahoma? Man, we in that thang breh!

But Justin...homie....feel me on this one. Let me just share some names with you, something that the homie Alfie called out a little earlier. (Because we all know you read BCC religiously, right? RIGHT?) Do you know how much hope folks have put into former Jaguar wide receivers R. Jay Soward, Matt Jones, and Reggie Williams in the past? Dog, we thought these dudes were gonna be THE ones!?!? I mean, shame on us that we thought a dude who really went by the entire name "R. Jay" was going to be what that was in the league. Or that Matt Jones, a man who played quarterback his entire college career would easily become what that was as a wide receiver in the league. (Not to mention his penchant for chopping up that pure white in a Walmart parking lot with his Rush Card) Or even Reggie Williams, who had the gall and audacity to break the great Jimmy Smith's receiving touchdowns record (10) in 2007 and now the last time I heard was playing for something called the "Sacramenton Mountain Lions." Yeah man....this is the past life for wideouts in Jacksonville.

However, look around you homie. You see those new uniforms you were just modeling for Nike a few weeks ago? Sweet, right? Dog, you can't even wear those joints officially until damn near October. Man, what? Now Sunshine Gabbert's going to (probably) out-sell your jersey in the team shop dog, thus possibly giving this man the confidence that he might be a suitable quarterback for the Jaguars long-term. Nah man, we can't have that! We got dreams bruh! We're trying to bring Teddy "The Bridge" Bridgewater and Johnny "Money" Manziel to Duval in 2014, and we can't have Blaine getting a confidence boost out here. Yes, I know it seems that you being out of the lineup would be a hinderance to Gabbert in general, but he was going to struggle with or without you man, we all knew this.

The future's going to be brightening up for us soon man. We got a new owner, new coach, new uniforms, and hopefully a new quarterback next season too. I mean, we'd love to have you be a part of this new-new, but Sammie Watkins is gonna be in the draft coming up soon too, and at this point you're making yourself expendable.

Do we gotta bring the cancer patient from Stillwater to Jacksonville or nah?

Do we need to get you out of that #14 in back into your old #81 or nah?

Do we need to do a rain dance around a fire to make things better or nah?

Let me know. Let the fans know. Let whoever you need to know, know. Because this type of behavior is getting old, and this didn't just start with you....but it can end with you. Bring the greatness back to our wide receiver position, we've seen the flashes last season. We know you are indeed capable, now its time to act like a grown-ass man and show the world what you're truly capable of. Be peace brother, be peace.


Eduardo "Eddie" Maisonet, III
aka @edthesportsfan
aka one of the few Oklahomans whose favorite team is the Jacksonville Bleeping Jaguars

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