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Jaguars OTAs: Kyle Love says he's fine, digs at Patriots

“I want to be able to fight anything that ever happens to me and anything in life. That’s just my mentality." -- Kyle Love

The Jacksonville Jaguars claimed defensive tackle Kyle Love last week when the New England Patriots waived the fourth-year player with the non-football illness designation after he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. The Patriots insists it wasn't because of his recent diagnosis, despite Love's agents public criticism, but for whatever reason he was waived and claimed by the Jaguars.

Love stepped on the field Monday for his first set of OTAs with the Jaguars, who didn't appear to have an issue with Love's recent medical diagnosis and the 26-year old lineman is ready to get back to work on the field.

"It feels great to be back," Love told reporters with a smirk after practice on Monday. "I had a little setback but I'm ready to work and get better every day."

Being diagnosed with diabetes wasn't a shock to Love though, as it runs in the family.

"My mom and dad both have it, so I was bound to get it," Love told reporters on Monday.

"You’re sad, but then you’re happy at the same time. I’m just trying to move on and not really worry about what happened."-Kyle Love

It was reported Love lost nearly 30 pounds because of his diagnosis, but Love disputes that notion, saying only a fraction of his weight loss was due to his diagnosis and the majority of it was from changing his diet and working out.

"It's not like I lost 30 pounds," Love, who typically plays around 315 pounds, said. "I was never out of shape. I participated every day so I don't know where that came from."

Since his diagnosis, Love has adjusted his diet and cut out the things that got him to where he was, health-wise.

"Since I cut out the sweets and a lot of the carbs, I just have more energy," Love said. "That was my downfall. I can't eat them now. I was a little bit sad, but I know I have to get my health back up. If I have to cut out everything, so be it."

Even though Love had a relatively clean bill of healthy, the Jaguars are still going to ease him into the lineup and not over work him early on.

"They reviewed it and felt good about the situation and felt like we can get him the care he needs," Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said. "We went through a preliminary meeting to talk about what he can and can't do and the number of reps. We'll bring him along slowly and get a chance to see him."

Love is ready to move on from the whole situation with the Jaguars, but he did give the Patriots a little dig on Monday afternoon.

"That's how they run their business up there; veteran guys who have been there for years and put in a lot of work get treated like rookies," Love said.

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