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Jaguars OTAs: Practice cancelled due to weather, no make up allowed

Lightning limited the Jaguars practice to just 50 minutes.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars took the practice field for their fifth OTA practice under cloudy skies and it was cut short after just under an hour due to lightning in the area. The Jaguars have had eight total practices in the month of May, including rookie mini-camp, and two have been in pouring ran with another called short due to weather.

Due to the CBA rules, unfortunately the Jaguars will not be able to make up the lost practice and just have to move on to the next one on Thursday.

There has been some discussions about the Jaguars potentially building a practice facility due to the fact that Florida is prone to so many showers in the summer months, often interrupting OTA days and training camp. Continued interruption of practices might spur something forward in the talks, but as of now there is no facility in the plans.

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