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Jimbo Fisher praises Jaguars FB Lonnie Pryor


The Jacksonville Jaguars signed Florida State fullback Lonnie Pryor as an undrafted free agent after the 2013 NFL Draft and most, including myself, feel Pryor is essentially a lock to make the final roster. Pryor is a kind of "do-it-all" fullback who has also played running back in the past.

"When you look up the definition of a football player in the dictionary, it has a picture of Lonnie beside it," Florida State head coach Jimbo Fisher told an FSU booster club in Jacksonville. "He can run, he can catch, he can block, he can be a team leader, and he affects the guys around him in a positive way. He makes the team better because of his presence on it."

The Jaguars recently released longtime veteran and back up fullback Montell Owens, who's role Pryor should immediately step into, but because of his selfless approach to the game he's earned the praises of his former coach and teammates.

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