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Jaguars OTAs: Chris Prosinski finding a role

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Thomas B. Shea

The Jacksonville Jaguars have 11 new defensive backs on their roster, holding over just four defensive backs from the 2012 season. One of those is safety Chris Prosinski, who was forced into the lineup due to injuries to Dwight Lowery, and he's trying to find his role in the Jaguars new scheme.

"This is totally different than what I experienced my first two years," Prosinski told the Florida Times-Union. "But I like the scheme and playing the middle of the field and reading the quarterback and then using my range to make breaks on the ball. This is a more aggressive defense."

According to Ryan O'Halloran of the Times-Union, Prosinski is working as the team's second team strong safety, which has him playing closer to the line of scrimmage rather than playing centerfield. Prosinski struggled in coverage last year filling in for Lowery and had big issues with tackling.

The latter is very important to Gus Bradley's defense, as it's more aggressive and missed tackles are a bigger deal, so until we can see if Prosinski has improved in that area, he's going to have to work his way on the roster.

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