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Welcome to the Jaguars

We know, KNOW, that there is going to be an influx of new Jaguars fans. We can feel it. It's growing. The juice is flowing. Because the fans will be coming in masses, we have decided to give you a series. This series will be dedicated to introducing, reminding, or reiterating facts about the Jaguars. There is much to know. We are a young team with a fan base that is really starting to come into its own.

Mike Ehrmann

The most important aspect of our fan base is that we view ourselves as a family. These Jaguar streets have been rough for the past view years. We refer to this time period as "The Dark Ages." Later, there will be a post that discribes what the Dark Ages were (were is key).

If you follow the writers, frequent commenters, and Jaguars fans in general on twitter (you should if you dont), you will see that we call each other "nephew" "aunt" "uncle" and "nieces." If you see a Jaguar fan, an appropriate response is "I see you, Nephew." Do it. It feels good. Stop reading for a second, put your beer down and go into the next room. Find a Jaguar fan (there should be one in there or you are doing it wrong) now say "I see you, nephew." Dont you feel flat out electric? Your heart is racing. Your pants are fitting tighter. That's the feeling that comes along with being a Jaguar fan.

Occasionally the Jaguar family will get into little arguments in the comment section. That's fine. Family does that ish. We argue. We fight. We make up. We drink beer. We explode on twitter with sexual ecstasy when something good happens.

If you are new to the Jaguars, welcome, ya bish. We are glad you are here. For real. Lots of fans turn their noses up at "bandwagon" fans. Not us.

If you are over 18, you werent born into the Jaguars. You made the choice just like we did. Some of us have been fans for a while. Some are new. All are important. If you want to be apart of a team that appreciates its fans, this is the spot. I absolutely love being a Jacksonville Jaguar fan. Love it. Love. It. Plus, teal makes my eyes pop like you wouldnt believe.