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Freddy T.

Sit down, bruh. You're going to need to. Im about to introduce you to a young fellow by the name of Frederick Antwon Taylor. Hold on. I need a second. I literally just cried when I typed that name. Emotions, y'all. They are real.


Ok. Fred was a straight up stud his whole football career. A Florida kid from Glades Central High School in Belle Glade. My nephew had stand out senior year blasting fools to the tune of 1700 yards and 22 tds. That's a lot. In college Freddy was a beast at the University of Florida. He helped lead Florida to a national championship blah blah blah. You can get all those stats and normal insight from wiki. That's not what this section is about.

This section is designed to help you know who you should or should not freak out over when you see them or hear about them. A bro walks into a bar and sees that you are wearing a Jaguar shirt. He's like "Damn. That's a cold ass honky. He's standing united in these streets. I think I will talk to him about Fred Taylor." "Hey bro, sick shirt. Was that made by Minor Threads? Awesome. Do you remember Fred Taylor?" Now you stare back at him looking like a clown. He sees that you dont. Then boom. You Zach Morris his ass and throw a timeout on the whole place. Now you are remembering that you started to read this post but then stopped because I made some asinine grammar mistake. Get over it, bro. Im helping you. Now, welcome back. Watch this:

FRED TAYLOR IN HIS PRIME HIGHLIGHTS (via fredtaylorfoundation)

TIME BACK IN AT THE BAR: "Hell yeah I remember Fred Taylor! Who wouldnt? Do you remember his pad level? It was unmatched. If he wouldnt have been hurt, I think he could of challenged the all time record! Has anyone ever been more unnoticed than Fred Taylor. Best Jaguar of all time. Period." "I couldnt agree more, nephew. Let me buy you a beer."

See there? Now you dont look like an idiot but you also got a free beer! Youre welcome.

Fred Taylor. Never forget. Never. Ring of Honor. Hall of Fame (should be) and the best Jaguar of All time.