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Jaguars OTAs: Jedd Fisch believes in playing fast

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been teaching their new offense to players through the course of OTA practices, and according to offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch, the offense is about 90-percent installed.

"Do they know it? No," Fisch told John Oesher of "But they're learning it and becoming more comfortable speaking the language."

The Jaguars offense heading into 2012 appears to give the quarterbacks a lot more freedom at the line of scrimmage to check out of plays and move things around, compared to the past.

"How can you handcuff the guy behind center? In my opinion, he sees it the best. He should have the best feel for what we're trying to get accomplished," Fisch told Oehser about the quarterback's freedom at the line. "Why have dead plays? If he can help us get into a better play, then it's the opportunity for that guy to do that. We'll never get in the way of that."

One thing for sure however, the Jaguars coaching staff wants the team to play fast.

"We believe in playing fast," Fisch told Oesher. "Whether that is tempo in and out of the huddle, or whether that's tempo at the line of scrimmage or whether that's tempo after a play, our core values are playing fast, playing hard and playing together. That's going to be part of our mantra from the get-go."

Playing up tempo has seemed to work better for the Jaguars quarterbacks in the past, regardless of which one it's been, so that will be something to watch going forward.

Fisch also noted that his playbook will be comprised of things from his different stops in his coaching career, so there will be things from his time with the Houston Texans, Denver Broncos, Seattle Seahawks, and Miami Hurricanes.

It's also going to be tailored to the personell the team has on it's roster, as it should be.

"Our whole system is going to be built upon what our players do well," Fisch told

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