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Did Natrone Really Mean Business?

Natrone was one of my favorite Jaguars of all time. Let me get that out of the way first. Dude was sex. But did he mean business?


Sometimes. His second season as a Jaguar was easily much better than his first. His first season was pedestrian at best. 507 rushing yards in 14 games? WOOOF. He turned it on in year two with an amazing 823 yard. Wait, that's not exactly amazing is it?

Have we built up Natrone too much? Maybe. Looking back, and by that I mean googling, Natrone only cracked 1000 yards once.

We do that, though. We take snap shots in our heads about who the good players are and then 10 years down the road we act like they were something incredible.

"Business " is a good name for Natrone. He came in, did his job, and punched the clock. That's what most people do in business. Most people preform at a pretty standard level. They arent All-Pros. They arent MVPs. They are serviceable backs with a few great moments in their careers. Natrone's moment was pretty damn big.

Let me remind you about Natrone's moment.

Jacksonville Jaguars 4th quarter Mile High Miracle 96 playoffs (via J Wallace)

Cot Damn that is some good down the field blocking. Natrone was very shifty for a big back. He was a great compliment to the kind of scrambler that Brunell was. He ate up blockers off the edge and gave Mark seams. Natrone had great instincts about which way to head when Brunell was on the run. He was always there to give an extra few yards.

The third and 5 throw for the touchdown at the 7:05 mark in the video is flat out insane. Brunell put it right on the money. That drive was all Natrone and Brunell. It was incredible to watch then and it still is now. Jimmy, Keenan, and Brunnel get their credit but let's not forget about the huge plays that Natrone made in that 4th quarter. The snap shot that I have of Natrone from that game will last forever.