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Denard Robinson ready to be Jaguars 'Slash'


If you're over the age of 25, it's likely that you remember to early days of Kordell Stewart on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Stewart, who played quarterback in college for Colorado, came into the NFL as an athlete in the second round of the 1995 NFL Draft. Stewart did a little of everything for the Steelers on offense from playing quarterback, wide receiver, rushing the football and even punting. Whatever he could do to get on the field, he did it.

Jacksonville Jaguars fifth-round pick Denard Robinson is ready to embrace a similar role.

"Come on. I watched it," Robinson joked with reporters on Friday when asked if he was old enough to remember Stewart. "He said 'he's a Slash'. He said he can put me at anywhere. Yeah."

Robinson doesn't seem to have any issue at all with not pursuing the quarterback position at the NFL level and just wants to get on the football field.

"Wherever they want to put me at I am open to doing it and I’m ready to have fun, doing special teams or whatever it takes," Robinson replied when asked where he wanted to play.

At Friday's rookie mini-camp Robinson did a little of everything. He lined up at running back, wide receiver, and at the end of the day was field kickoffs.

"One of our philosophies on offense is trying to get in playmakers’ hands. We’ve taken that approach to the guys that are in house right now and we’ve taken the same approach with the guys here," Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley said on Friday after the first day of rookie mini-camp. "That’s why you saw him play some multiple positions just to see what he can do, what he can take on and give him a little bit of a flavor."

From multiple accounts Robinson looked like the best offensive player on the field on Friday, so it will be interesting to watch him develop and get acclimated into the Jaguars offense going forward. He sounds like someone the coaching staff wants to be very involved in the offense and get him the football.

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