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Open Letter To Mike Bianchi: Leave us alone.

This face shows how much I care about your opinion, Mike.
This face shows how much I care about your opinion, Mike.

I know the best course of action here is to just ignore and not give it attention, but I've had enough brow beating.

Dear Mike Bianchi,

Shut up.

Stop it.

You've long said the Jacksonville Jaguars are irrelevant, bad, don't matter, what have you. Fine. Then shut up. Stop giving us your opinion on the Jaguars if they are all of those things. Stop telling us what the Jaguars need to be doing, given the fact that you are hilariously ignorant to the franchise. Especially stop giving us your opinion on what the Jaguars should do with Tim Tebow, who you are frighteningly obsessed with.

We don't want him. The ship has sailed.

In your latest article for the Orlando Sentinel, which looks like blatant hack job for page views, is one of the most ignorant things I've ever had the pleasure of reading. In the article, which is hilariously titled Jaguars won't take a chance on Tim Tebow, but will on a suspended wide receiver, you bemoan the fact that an NFL franchise will give chances to "drunks, druggies and delinquents" but not Tim Tebow.

Justin Blackmon has talent and is a good NFL player.

Tim Tebow is not.

It's that simple.

This is why the Jaguars are willing to give Blackmon another chance and continue to be disinterested in Tim Tebow, because he's simply not good.

Then again, who am I to judge? I guess we should just accept the fact that the Jaguars, who were 2-14 last year and have been irrelevant for more than a decade, are just smarter than the rest of us. . . .

That's right, Mike. Who are you to judge? You sit in Orlando and whine about the Jaguars. You don't come to the facility. You don't go to practice. You don't even attend the games. You know nothing about the franchise, at all. The Jaguars are smarter than the "rest of us", just like the other 31 NFL franchises who want nothing to do with Tim Tebow are smarter than the "rest of us".

You continuously harp on how Tebow would help ticket sales. We don't need the help. We're fine. Maybe you should look an hour west of your fine city and examine their ticket sales for Tebow. Or maybe look three hours south. We're fine man. Don't worry.

Though, I do find it interesting while you're championing Tebow and insulting teams who aren't willing to sign him, you conveniently forget to bring up the fact at just how selfish Tebow is. For such a great person, a "role model" as you call him, he refuses to consider playing another position to help out his football team. Unlike the Jaguars fifth-round pick, Denard Robinson. Robinson is willing to swallow his pride and do whatever it takes to get on the football field.

Instead of lashing out at a team you call "irrelevant" why don't you consider how selfish your champion is being?

While you're trying to figure out how that fits with your narrative, continue believing the Jaguars are irrelevant. Except, please act like they are. Ignore them. We won't mind.

I'll get back to ignoring your hacky writing and turning off the radio when you're on.

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