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Moving on from the Crazies

It's time to move on. There was a point in time that everyone was focused on "Is President Obama really an American Citizen? GASP!?" But then people, well rational ones, realized that the argument was tired, stupid, and that nothing would ever result from it.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

That's where I am with the Tim Tebow to Jaguars deal. It doesnt matter. Sure, occasionally there is some dumb ass that puts out a radio spot. But let's be honest, ESPN Radio runs an "Obama is looking to receive a third term" commercial every single day. Most national news agencies dont cover the "Birther" issue anymore. Do people still have rallies about President Obama's birth certificate? Sure. Does it matter? No.

People, dick head lawyers included, saying that they want Tebow doesnt matter. He isnt coming. Ever. Dave Caldwell posted the long form birth certificate at his introductory press conference. That's all we need. Crazies dont sign our players. Caldwell does. Until that changes, you are giving a louder voice to the Westboro Baptist Church of the sporting world.

Im done with the Tebow deal. I trust Caldwell didnt forge the document at his press conference. Im no longer mad, bro. Time to go lift.