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Jaguars fan group responds to Tim Tebow obsession

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The obnoxious obsession that is Tim Tebow and the Jaguars has cropped up again, thanks to a ridiculous petition and a terrible law firm ad that I refuse to link to, and Jaguars fans have finally hit their breaking point. Many are familiar with the Bold City Brigade, which Big Cat Country is affiliated with, and they've decided to respond to all the noise in an action of solidarity with general manager Dave Caldwell and owner Shad Khan, showing support for their vision going forward with the franchise.

"Obviously it's frustrating to be constantly bombarded by the Tebow-mania,"-John Caputo to ESPN

The group launched, which allows fans to click a check mark if they agree with the team's vision going forward. As of this writing, it's been checked over 20,000 times.

"We are inspired to counter anything or anyone that chooses to attack or spread ignorance about our fan base," John Caputo, president of the Bold City Brigade, told ESPN's Paul Kuharsky. "We aim to do it in a tasteful and tactful manner which represents our mission and members."

If you've been following me or other Jaguars fans on Twitter this week, you've seen us almost break at the constant and unnecessary talk about a player the team has no interest in. The website, launched on Wednesday, is a simple response to the people who don't seem to understand what "No" means.

The site itself isn't necessarily anti-Tebow, though I'm sure that is how most will take it, but rather in support of the franchise's decision to move on from the circus, coupled with the fact that fans root for the name on the front of the uniform, not the back.

"It is our response as actual season ticket holding die-hard Jaguars fans," Caputo told Kuharsky. "It's not meant to be anti-Tebow as much as it's meant to show support and solidarity for Shad Khan and the team's vision for the franchise and its direction."

Unfortunately, the noise isn't likely to end soon, despite it never going to happen.

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