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Jaguars news roundup 6/1

Jacksonville Jaguars news/rumors around the internet you may have missed.


Fabulous Four: Quiet Week II (The Sequel) Edition
4) One Coordinator, One Offense. We begin this Quiet Week II (the Sequel) Fabulous Four with a subject that received at least some clarity this week, and that’s the offense being installed by Jedd Fisch. The Jaguars’ first-year offensive coordinator sat down for an extended interview with Wednesday and though he didn’t exactly lay out sample game plans, he did further clarify what players have been indicating since offensive install began in mid-April: that this will be a decidedly more up-tempo, quarterback-friendly scheme than last year. We won’t get a full picture of the offense until the regular season, but Fisch said tempo will be a priority.

Michigan head coach Brady Hoke talks Denard Robinson's role with Jacksonville Jaguars - NFL Videos
University of Michigan coach Brady Hoke stops by "NFL Total Access" to talk about Jacksonville Jaguars rookie and former Wolverine Denard Robinson, and how he advises his players when they consider going pro.

O-Zone: Reaching a consensus
I believe Gabbert will start this year, and I’ve discussed the fact that Gabbert has been hindered by a revolving door of coaches – and losing an offseason because of the lockout. But I have *not* said that those are reasons why Gabbert will start. I believe Gabbert will start because he will perform well enough in training camp and preseason to earn that job in the eyes of coaches. As for the whole put-up-or-shut-up-year thing, things in the NFL aren’t always that cut and dry.

Brandon Lloyd: Jacksonville Jaguars Should Target Free Agent Receiver

Usually former All-Pro receivers generate a great deal of interest on the free agent market, even if they are 31 years old. Brandon Lloyd, who was released by the New England Patriots this offseason, has not yet found a new home. Since the 2010 season, Lloyd has been one of the more productive receivers in the NFL. While there were some allegations that Lloyd had a poor work ethic in the past, he appears to have quieted all of those concerns in the past few seasons.