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The Draft Class Warning

For a time every player promises hope, but most will soon be nothing more than a memory.


Enjoy the hopes, Jaguars fans! Enjoy every bit of optimism that each rookie player places in your faith in the team's potential this season. There just might be a future Hall of Famer excited to hit training camp and thankful Dave Caldwell made him a piece of the 2013 Jacksonville Jaguars.

Think about it. It's entirely possible that Denard Robinson becomes an explosive weapon ready to be shifted into multiple roles. It's entirely possible that Ace Sanders shifts momentum in a key game with a big return or a nice cut and run after the catch.It's entire possible that the Jaguars found a few long-term starters for their secondary in Jonathan Cyprien and Dwayne Gratz. This would, no doubt, be a welcome sigh of relief to anyone who has watched the teams secondary since roughly 2009. It's also entirely possible that Eugene Monroe and Luke Joeckel show us once and for all how book-end tackles look.

These are real scenarios, and scenarios that I, along with most Jaguars fans, would tell mythological tales about to their grandchildren at night, admittedly with much less imagery than Tolkien.

However, as long-time Jaguars fans are aware, the draft class can promise nothing more than promise. Hype and research turn into no reward for the fan. Potential never turns into reality. It happens every year with at least one player from every team. Almost assuredly it will happen with at least two players from this draft class.

Don't worry, I'm not preaching negativity. In fact, this article may very well be useless as I've found most Jaguars fans to have reasonable arguments regarding the team and the future. I think most Jaguars fans, especially on this site, are knowledgeable about the game and can provide great discussions in other areas of sport as well.

I guess I'm warning people new to site or to the draft in general. Anyhow, who do you see as being a burnout in 3 years from this draft class and why?