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Jaguars would like to bring in another punter, kicker says Gus Bradley


The Jacksonville Jaguars are set on special teams with Josh Scobee as the place kicker and former third-round draft pick Bryan Anger as the punter of the future, but that doesn't mean Gus Bradley won't bring in more specialists as the team heads into training camp in July.

Bradley expressed to the Florida Times-Union that the team would like to add another kicker and punter, predominantly to give both Scobee and Anger "breathers" during training camp, which isn't an uncommon practice for most teams. You typically don't want to wear down your kicker's legs before the season even begins.

The team doesn't expect any movement on either of these positions until the team gets closer to training camp, but the Jaguars are hosting a punter this week on a try out basis.

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