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Happy Father's Day, Papa!

First of all, Happy Father's Day to all my nephews that are dads. But today I want to recognize our Dad. He's made great progress and things are just getting better every single day.


A dad sticks up for their children. "Dad! All of our friends on twitter are saying that we are moving to London. Is this true?" "Son, we are going on a vacation to London. You know what? Im gonna build you a pool and buy you a shipyard." "Thanks, Daddy!"

"Dad, our friends say we suck. Is this true?" "We've lived in hardship for a long time. That's why I adopted you. I wasnt your biological father. He was a dead-beat in your teenage years, but Im here for you now. Im not going anywhere." "Thanks, Daddy! I love you and brother Tony!"

"Dad, why dont our Uncles care about us?" "Im not sure son so I found you some new ones. Uncle Gus and Uncle Dave are here for the long haul. Cry no more, my angels." "Thanks, Daddy!"

"Dad, can me and my friends have our own special section in the stadium?" "Sure son but everyone is welcomed. No one will make you sit down." "Thanks, Daddy!"

"What about food trucks, new uniforms, new helmets, faster players, better draft analysis, more open forums with the fans, downtown renovations, the biggest score board in the NFL!" "Hahahahaha! Sure son. Anything you want. I love you." "I love you too, Dad."

Cue the damn theme music.

Will Smith - Just the two of us (Lyrics) (via Bryan Jimenez)