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Jaguars news roundup 6/17

Jacksonville Jaguars news around the internet you may have missed.


Jacksonville Jaguars Expected to Name Blaine Gabbert Starting Quarterback

It’s really not that big of a surprise nor was it that close of a contest hen it came to who would be the Jaguars quarterback in 2013. They passed on a top prospect in the draft and instead made a move to beef up their offensive line to protect Gabbert and allow him to grow into the role he’s struggled to find a footing in.

Watch: Ryan O'Halloran Breaks Down the Jaguars Defense | beat writer Ryan O'Halloran presents a nice video breaking down the good and the bad on the defense of the Jaguars.

O-Zone: Add it to the list

General Manager David Caldwell addressed this Thursday, saying the Jaguars are close to signing the rest of their eight draft selections. There is no rush on this issue. The Jaguars have lost nothing by having the players unsigned. It is a non-issue until training camp. If the Jaguars have their draft selections signed by then – as they most certainly will – the rookies will have lost no practice or preparation time.

Jaguars Caravan 2013 » Local Sports » Valdosta Daily Times

The Jackonsivlle Jaguars’ caravan made a stop at the Valdosta Mall Saturday for their second visit in as many years. A crowd gathered in the center of the mall in anticipation of the team’s arrival. The team’s mascot, Jaxson de Ville, rolled in to the sound of applause on a segway, followed by four members of Jacksonville’s ROAR cheerleaders. Tony Boselli, former Jaguar offensive lineman, got the festivities going when he declared Valdosta as “Jaguar Country.”