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Denard Robinson tying his shoes for the Jaguars, sort of


Jacksonville Jaguars rookie "offensive weapon" Denard Robinson has a nicknamed that's follow him since high school, through his college career, and now into the NFL. "Shoelace", as Robinson is known, didn't like to tie his his cleats.

"It's something I always did my whole life," Robinson told ESPN's Paul Kuharsky, who even snapped a picture of his "tied" cleats at practice.

Not tying his shoes never seemed to really affect his play, even if he lost a shoe, Robinson never slowed down. The Jaguars are asking Robinson to tie his shoes for the NFL however, albeit loosely.

"If it doesn't have an impact on the game and it's within the rules, whatever allows you to play the best," Jaguars head coach Gus Bradley told Kuharsky. "It's comfort level. Do you get your ankles taped or not? Players have a rhythm or a routine they like to follow. As long as it's within the rules, I'm fine with it."

Kuharsky spent a little time with Robinson, including finding out how he got a big gash on his throwing hand and how the Jaguars plan to use him on offense.

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