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Marcedes Lewis says 2 London games in a season is too much

Jacksonville Jaguars

The NFL clearly wants more of a presence in London, which includes potentially adding more games to the dockett in the coming seasons. A bit of a firestorm was started when it was suggested that the NFL might ask the Jacksonville Jaguars to add another London game to their schedule, which already includes a game the next four seasons, but some players think multiple London games in a season is too much.

Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis is fine with playing a single game in London, noting that it helps represent the NFL and the Jaguars franchise abroad, but he's not down with the idea of playing multiple games there in a season.

"Would be highly stressful for a team. It would disrupt a big part of your season. There would be a competitive disadvantage for a team that did that," Lewis told Mike Freeman of CBS Sports.

"What you would end up doing is just changing a lot of what you do so you're mentally ready," Lewis told Freeman. "But playing two games in London would be pretty rough for any team no matter what you try to do."

Freeman also notes that one of the big problems isn't necessarily the logistics of traveling overseas, but it's the fact that players don't get to prepare like the would for a normal week of football. It's a big ordeal because they're acting as "ambassadors" of the sport, which as Lewis notes disrupts the player's routine.

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